Snowlion Rep's Unique Modular Curriculum

We offer five acting classes that are available on a rotating basis.  They can be taken in any order by actors with all levels of training - from beginners to pros!

THE ACTORS INSTRUMENT: The Body of Acting Technique

The actor’s body, voice, mind, energy and emotional pliability are trained for honest, spontaneous and truthful interpretation of a role, emphasizing essential techniques of Grotowski, Stanislavski, Stephen Book and Michael Chekhov.

IMAGINATION & INSTINCT: The Spirit of Acting Technique

How to develop a strong and fluid imagination and hone the actor’s instinct to bring spontaneity and authenticity to the actor’s work, emphasizing the techniques of the legendary Stella Adler.

ACTION & OBJECTIVE: The Heart of Acting Technique

An in-depth look at the two most critical elements for bringing power, immediacy, presence and drive to an actor’s work onstage – the actions a character takes in pursuit of what he/she wants.

CHARACTER: The Soul of Acting Technique

Actors develop a strong foundation in understanding the many and varied aspects that define a human being and how to embody them in a living and breathing character written for the stage.

SCRIPT ANALYSIS: The Mind of Acting Technique

Working with an Ibsen, Strindberg, Chekhov, Williams or Miller text, students engage the rigorous process of developing the tools needed to astutely analyze a contemporary play and knowledgeably bring a character in that script to life.