Our Mission

The purpose of Snowlion Repertory Company is to inspire and delight Maine audiences of all ages by creating, developing, and producing new and newly imagined theatrical works of cultural, ethical, and spiritual value in an atmosphere of acceptance, enthusiasm, and mindfulness.

Founders Al D’Andrea and Margit Ahlin,  who also co-founded New York’s Third Step Theatre Company and WordzWorth Productions in Los Angeles, bring years of dedication and experience to their current theatrical mission.


Why a Snowlion to symbolize our venture?  The Snowlion stands for fearlessness in overcoming obstacles, and his roar leads to awakening.  Keeping theater vital in today’s world is indeed a challenge that requires the Snowlion’s strength.  We believe the arts are important – they do make a difference in people’s lives.  The arts encourage us to question, explore, and try to make sense of the world we live in.  We want to contribute to that joyful exploration.  As theater teaches us, the examined life is so worth living.

Snowlion Rep is a professional theater company, employing Equity actors, non-Equity actors, and SDC union directors


Learn About Us

in our 7-minute tuneful promo video or our 2-minute informative introductory video