Upcoming Productions


Mesmerized, a new musical

by Al D'Andrea, Darryl Curry, MK Wolfe

2018 -2019 Season TBA

Set in 1777 Vienna, Mesmerized is the true story of Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, now regarded as the father of modern hypnosis, and the scandal that erupted in 1777 Vienna when he restored the sight of the young blind prodigy pianist Maria Theresa Paradies using the radical curative technique and invisible force he called “animal magnetism”

The show plunges the audience into Mesmer’s world at the dawn of the Age of Reason, populated with characters including Mozart, Benjamin Franklin, the Queen Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, and others – all 100% true encounters had by the infamous doctor, presented in dramatic musical theater format with an ample sprinkling of humor throughout